About Us

Welcome to Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters LLC!

wfo-logoWyoming’s Finest Outfitters lies in the heart of some of the most prime hunting grounds in Wyoming. Located in the northeast corner of the state at the base of the Big Horn Mountains, we are approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from Billings, MT, Casper, WY and Gillette, WY.

Here at Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters, we specialize in archery elk, deer, antelope and mountain lion hunts on more than 180,000 acres of private land where game is plentiful and of trophy caliber.

Our goal at WFO, is to provide every hunter with an amazing and memorable, quality hunting experience. The kind that true hunters are always in search of.

Don’t hesitate to plan your next hunting trip as our spots are limited and fill up fast. We can book your hunt right here on the website and get you well on your well to your next Wyoming Hunt!

How it Works

We have many different hunting package options available for your to choose from. Our Premier Hunt Packages are our recommended packages however, we also offer turkey, prairie dog and other types of smaller game hunts plus we have highly experienced local fishing guides on stand-by for those looking for a more relaxing way of spending their time away from home.

As an example of one of our Premier Hunting Packages, our Deer/Elk Combo Hunt includes 3-5 days of hunting, with one day allowed for arrival and one day for departure.

All of WFO’s Combo Hunt Packages are a Guaranteed 100% Draw, making these packages and easy choice for most hunters.

Additional Packages include but are not limited to:

  • 5-Day Deer/Antelope Combo Hunts
  • 5-Day Elk Hunts
  • 5-Day Mountain Lion Hunts
  • 3 Day Antelope Hunts

Our Hunts really get going in September but for compelete hunting package information and schedules, please start by choosing your hunt.

Whats it cost to get started?

35% of the Full Hunt Package Price Is Required as a Deposit, on All Hunts. For complete costs, please call and speak to Kris Powers at 307-751-2297.

Licensing and Applications

Wyoming_Game_and_Fish_Dept_SealWFO will gladly assist you with the completion and submission of your required applications to the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept for your hunting license and notify you directly in the event you draw a tag.

Tags & Refunds

The Wyoming Game and Fish Deptartment will draw for tags each year during the first week of July. Once your Tag has been drawn, your hunting deposit will no longer be refunded. All Tags will be sent to the address you submit on the application. If for whatever reason you do not draw your selected tag, you will receive a refund of your deposit.

Ask Us About “Preference Points”, Available From The Wyoming Game & Fish Department, which will Improve Your Chances of Drawing Your Desired Tag

What are Preference Points?

Preference Points are points Hunters use on future hunts and imporve your chances of drawing a tag. Offered by the Wyoming Game And Fish Department for your choose of species, these points are typically used for Big Game Trophy Hunts like Elk, where a Limited Number of Tags are Available Per Year, Based on State Quota. Preference Points are available for $50 each.

Example: Elk Hunters usually purchase Preference points between July 1st and September 31st, to increase their odds of drawing an Elk Tag.

When it comes to a truely memorable hunting experience, don’t forget to make WFO in Northeastern Wyoming your next choice. Not only are our guides some of the best in Wyoming, we are all very well versed in the hunting tactics we employ and very knowledgable of the resident game we hunt.

Trophy Care


In-house trophy care provided by Rimrock Taxidermy – Kris Powers. Rimrock has been in business for over 16 years, and can generally turn your mounts around in 8 to 10 months. They use a tannery for all capes and provide the best forms money can buy.

Visit our Trophy Care page for complete Taxidermy and Trophy Care Photos, Prices and Information.

Wyoming Finest Outfitters is Disabled Friendly

Hunters with a qualifying disability may apply to the Wyoming Department of Game and Fish for a permit to shoot from a stationary vehicle to take wildlife.

Permits may be obtained from the Cheyenne Headquarters or any Department Regional Office.

These permits entitle the holder thereof to shoot from any stationary vehicle, except aircraft, to take big or trophy game animals, game birds (except migratory birds) and small game animals as provided for by Title 23 Wyoming statutes and Commission regulations.

As always, shooting from or across a public road is strictly prohibited.

Hunting Season Opens 5 Days early for hunters with qualifying disabilities with the proper paperwork and permits. Contact Kris Powers for assistance and/or more details.

Hiring Outfitters and Guides in Wyoming

Wyoming statute states, “No person shall directly or indirectly compensate a person holding himself out as engaging in the business of, or acting in the capacity of, an outfitter or a professional guide unless that person provides proof he is a licensed outfitter or professional guide as required by state law. Any person violating this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department cannot recommend any specific guides or outfitters.

Before hiring an outfitter, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department advises that hunters check with the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters at:
1950 Bluegrass Circle, Suite 280
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Hunters should call The State Board of Outfitters Toll Free line at 1-800-264-0981 or locally at 307-635-1589.

Contact The Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides Website to verify that the outfitter your are planning to hire is in fact Licensed by the State of Wyoming.

Wyoming’s Finest Outfitter is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

Wyoming’s Finest Outfitter is operated under Special Use Permit by the Bighorn National Forest Department in the Tongue River District.