Hunting Information


Typical Hunt Elevation is between 3000 and 7000 feet so please be prepared. We suggest getting in shape prior to booking any hunt, regardless of where and what you are hunting. Hunting is an Extreme Sport and can be very demanding on a physical level.

There are 2 Opening Seasons in Wyoming, the East Side and West Side.

East Side Hunts (prairie style hunts rolling hills and cedar breaks) are the 1st week and are limited to 8 Antelope/Mule Deer Combo Hunts, which run Sept 31st to Oct 6th departure dates.

2nd Week starts Oct 6th and runs till Oct 12th departure dates for Deer/Antelope Combo Hunts Only. Limited availbility of 10 maximum, per week on all Antelope Hunts.

West Side Hunts (mountain hunts) are the 1st week and along the western face of the rolling Big Horn Mountains. These are for hunters who want to hunt Big Mule Deer.  Arrival for these are Oct 14th with departures on Oct 20th.

2nd week starts Oct 20th and runs till Oct 26th departure dates.
3rd week is Oct 26th to Nov 1st departure dates, for Deer/Antelope Combo Hunts Only.

In September, hunts are open for archery only on the East and West Sides for Mule Deer, Antelope and Elk.

September 1st also opens for Bear Hunts until quota is filled. Approx 10 sows per spring and 4 additional each fall are allowed.

Spring Bear Hunts start May 1st. May 1st to May 14th is Archery Only. May 15th to June 15th or until quota is reached, is open to bow and rifle hunters.

April 1st is Opening Day for Spring Turkey Season with a 2 bird maximum.  Spring Turkey Season runs till May 20th. All Turkey Hunts are 3 day hunts. Open to Rifle, Shotgun and Bow Hunters.

Fall Turkey Season starts Oct 1st and runs till Dec 31st with a 2 bird maximum. Open to Rifle, Shotgun and Bow Hunters.

Rifle Hunts start October 1st. Must be here by September 31st, so Hurry and Book Your Hunt Today!


Attention ALL Hunters: Hunter Safety Card Required for ANYONE Born After January 1, 1966.

35% Deposit plus any Applicable License Fees (which are not included in the cost of the hunt) are due at time of booking.

All Deposits are non-refundable once License/Tag has been issued however some Deposits can be held over till the following year. Contact Us for Details.

All hunts are two hunters per guide except for Elk Hunts which are 1 on 1.

Discounts are available for parties of 4 or more and youth hunters under the age of 18 years of age save 20%.

Wyoming’s Finest Outfitter is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

Wyoming’s Finest Outfitter is operated under Special Use Permit from The Bighorn National Forest Department in the Tongue River District.

Visa and MasterCard accepted.


Our custom built, five bedroom lodge nestled at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains provides your own lap of luxury with your rustic Wyoming hunting experience. The lodge has full dining services and a shooting range at your disposal right out the front door. We also have 2 cabins for our three day antelope hunters.  Click here for more information about our lodge.

Accommodations Include

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Transportation of meats and mounts to processing plant or taxidermist
  • Two hunters per guide
  • We can make arrangements to pick you up at the Sheridan, Wyoming airport if you plan to fly. SORRY, NO PICKUP AVAILABLE FROM BILLINGS, MT.
  • Absolutely No Hidden Costs Ever!

WFO’s hunting terrain can sometimes be pretty hard to get around during late fall and winter months with heavy snow, therefore we mostly use CanAm 1000 Quad ATV’s equipped with Snow Trax.

When the snow is too deep, snowmobiles work much better for the terrain we cover. For that, we run Artic Cat 800 Sleds with 156 Trax. For our Mountain Lion Hunts, we use a Bearcat Utility Vehicle for transporting our hounds.


  • Hunter Safety Card
  • Rifle and Ammunition: 243 caliber or larger sighted for 200 yards
  • 8 or 10 power binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Knife
  • Day pack
  • Fluorescent Orange Jacket, Vest or Hat
  • Warm Clothing and Gloves
  • Lightweight Hiking Boots and Quality Socks
  • Quiet Snow Gaiters (if later in the season)
  • Rain Gear is Highly Recommended
  • Water Bottle

Rifle Rentals including Ammo are available to rent for $350

Crossbow Rentals are available to rent for $350

All rentals are subject to availability. Please call 307-751-2297 for details.



For the Bow Hunter/Archerer in you, WFO’s Elk & Deer Archery Hunts run from September 1st through September 30th.

August 15th to August 30th is open to Archery Antelope only but also runs from September 1st through September 24th.

Wyoming Archery Licenses are $30. All of WFO’s Archery Hunts are offered one of several ways:

  • Elevated Gorilla Treestands (Bear)
  • In-Ground Blinds by Premium 360° (Antelope)
  • By Using Spot and Stalk Techniques (Mule Deer)
  • Calling and foot travel (Elk)



At WFO’s Discretion, Non-Hunting Companions may be required to stay at area hotel/motel, depending on room availability at the lodge.

For example: If Husband and Wife are coming but Wife is a Non-Hunting Companion, she may not be able to stay at the lodge depending on the number of current hunters we have. We understand this is not ideal however due to the number of hunters we get each year, space is limited.

Please call ahead and speak to one of our Guides if it is your plan to have a Non-Hunting Companion accompany you on your hunt. We will however arrange transportation to and from the Lodge in the event we are unable to provide an adequate number of rooms.


Additional fees will be charged to any hunter for any of the following big game animals which are wounded but not killed during the hunt:

  • Deer:$1000
  • Elk:$3000
  • Antelope:$800
  • Mountain Lion:$2000
  • Black Bear: $1000


Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters also offers taxidermy services by Rimrock Taxidermy. Your guide or a local meat locker will cape your animal. Hunters may donate their meat for the price of de-boning. For Complete Trophy Care Information, click here.