Long Range Hunts

Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters Introduces Long Range Hunts in 2014.


Long Range Hunts Now Available at Wyoming's Finest Outfitters.

Long Range Hunts Now Available at Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters.

Long range hunts are not about the trophy, they are about the distance and skill of the shot.

At a mimimum of 500 yards and beyond, this is one type of hunt that tests not only the skill of the hunter but also their patience.

Owner Kris Powers, who runs all of WFO’s long range hunts,  uses John Burns Rifles, which are also available for rent at the rate of $250 per hunt. Long range shooters are also welcomed to bring their own rifle to use.

Additional costs for long range hunting may apply. Please contact Kris Powers for pricing and availability.

For our avid shooters and seasoned hunters looking to test their skills before the hunt, keep reading, this might be just what you were looking for…

John Burns and Kris Powers’ Long Range Shooting School is Coming to Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters!

That’s right, you read correctly. Long Range Shooting Expert, John Burns is bringing his Long Range Shooting School to Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters! Sign up today for this Amazing 3 Day Course and learn everything you need to know about long range shooting.

For those of you who are interested in taking this 3 Day Shooting Course, space is limited so please Contact Kris Powers at 307-751-2297 right away for complete details and pricing. This is going to be a Blast!

For more information, check out our Long Range Shooting School page.

For those of you that haven’yt yet heard, the very 1st NRA Outdoors Long Range Hunting and Shooting School Began June 6,2013 in Wyoming and Featured,“Top Shot” Winner Ian Harrison at World-Class Facilities at R&K Queen Mountain Guest Ranch. For complete story details, visit this link: Wyoming’s 1st NRA Long Range Hunting and Shooting School